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Bacopa: Brain Boosting Herb for ADHD and Stress Management

Looking for a brain boosting herb which also helps for stress relief? Have you heard of Bacopa monnieri?


Bacopa, also known as Brahmi, is used to treat wide range of brain related conditions. These include ADHD, anxiety, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, stress management and even joint pain. Unlike psychotroptic drugs, Bacopa has far less severe side effects and is not addictive. There have been several studies of Bacopa reducing ADHD symptoms and improving attention, cognition and impulse control. Bacopa has also been noted to reduce levels of cortisol and improve cognitive function.


It is important to contact a professional if you are considering adding in Bacopa to your supplement regimen.


If you want more information about Bacopa or other brain boosting herbs, please reach out to Dr. Humaira.




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