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Walk into Our Kitchen

A Blend of Arab and Desi Cuisine



For as long as I can remember, my traditional Pakistani Ramadan consisted of eating fried samosas and pakoras and drinking a side of roohafsa (red dyed sugary drink) with every iftar. I’ve noticed similar patterns with family and friends and thought of it as a normal traditional meal. However, eating the same kind of meal day after day made me feel sick throughout the month. I had lack of energy, was always bloated and even constipated at times. But I didn’t think anything of it to be related to food.

While I was studying for my doctorate, I learned how this was not the best way to go about eating, especially, since our body was detoxifying for the day. We must keep in mind we are refueling our body and our energy with what we ingest.

I teamed up with Clinical Nutritionist Sarah Farid-Chaudry to created: Walk into Our Kitchen, A Blend of Arab Desi Cuisine. This cookbook gives an idea of how to incorporate healthier options during Ramadan and thereafter. The recipes have been crafted to bring to light a more mindful and wholesome meal. They not only consist of Pakistani and Egyptian recipes but also have a fusion of other recipes.


What Can You Expect?

  • Holistically created recipes from Pakistani and Egyptian cuisine with a dash of recipes from other cuisines.
  • Get inspired in the kitchen! Learn how to make delicious, EASY, and healthy meals without sacrificing flavor.
    • Cooking healthy doesn't have to be a big burden or take up all your time. There are simple and easy solutions that anyone can learn.
  • Learn there are food substitutes you can incorporate in Arab and Desi meals.
  • Build confidence about what to eat and transform your knowledge into SUSTAINABLE ACTION so that taking care of your health becomes a part of your lifestyle.
    • If you can substitute common ingredients during the month of Ramadan, think what you can do for the remaining months!




In this book, you will learn how to make an arrangement of easy, healthy, and delicious Egyptian and Pakistani meals for the month of Ramadan and thereafter.




About Dr. Humaira

Growing up in a Pakistani household, Dr. Humaira acknowledges the challenges it comes to in adjusting to a healthier lifestyle. She knows how stubborn people can be and how unmotivated if they don’t have the right resources to help them along the way. Due to this reason, she focuses on making each plan and recipe easy to follow for her clients.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Dr. Humaira Quraishi went on to pursue her master’s degree in Nutrition and Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. As a naturopathic consultant and nutritionist, she addresses both acute and chronic diseases and focuses on preventative health. Her foundational beliefs are that nutrition combined with natural remedies promote optimal health, wellness, and the body’s innate ability to heal itself. During her off-time, Dr. Humaira loves to hike, write, and paint. Currently, Dr. Humaira works in northern New Jersey.
twitter: @natures_hum

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