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Therapies I Use


Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic care is effective for both acute and chronic illness, as well as preventing future disease. Dr. Humaira focuses on finding the cause of disease rather than suppressing symptoms. She combines the science of conventional care with wisdom of alternative medicine to address your complaints.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal/botanical medicines provide a natural, less invasive form of treatment and prevention against many conditions. Historically, plants have been used as a form of medicine in many cultures. When used under the supervision of a knowledgeable practitioner, herbs can be very safe and an effective form of medicine.

Dr. Humaira is trained in the use of both Eastern and Western herbs. She combines traditional wisdom of herbal medicine with modern day scientific research to provide a combination of herbs that is specifically designed for each patient.

Herbal Medicine Overview

Lifestyle Assessment & Coaching

Health is achieved by the way we live, such as how we fuel ourselves through diet, how we handle stress, our sleep quality and exercise regimen. Through lifestyle assessment, Dr. Humaira takes each of these aspects into consideration. She make recommendations which can improve your overall health in a manner that is both effective and realistic for you.



Holistic Nutrition & Dietary Assessment

Dr. Humaira recognizes that the foundation of good health lies in nutrition. Understanding how certain foods negatively affect your health is a cornerstone to restoring optimal wellbeing. Dietary assessment is more than learning which foods are healthy and which are not.

Her training as a Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor allows Dr. Humaira to understand how the body functions via biochemical and metabolic means. She takes into account not only your diet but also your lifestyle choices. Dr. Humaira believes in improving one's relationship with food. With this in mind, she teaches her patients to correct any dietary deficiencies or excesses, eliminate food sensitivities/allergies, achieve optimal weight, and to eat healthy. Dr. Humaira is able to tailor dietary recommendations based on your inpidual needs given your medical history, diet diary and goals.

Cleanse and Detox

We live in a world where we are constantly subjected to toxins which include dietary and environmental toxins. The liver and kidneys are the main organs that processed and eliminated toxins. However, if toxins accumulate, it could be difficult for toxins to be expelled. By following a customized cleanse program, you give your body the tools it needs to efficiently eliminate toxins and restore health.

There are many forms of cleansing (fasting, juice fasting and elimination/hypoallergenic diets) and deciding which type of cleanse is best for you can be challenging. Just as no two people require the same dietary needs. That is why Dr. Humaria works to understand your health history and goals to design an inpidualized and safe plan for you.


Hydrotherapy is an important component of naturopathic medicine. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to restore, maintain, and regulate health and is used in treatment of many different conditions such as arthritis, cold/flu, menstrual cramps and more.

Dr. Humaira teaches her patients various hydrotherapy techniques including contract applications, constitutional hydrotherapy and mineral baths.

Scientific Evidence of Hydrotherapy



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