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Glyphosate Found in Hummus

Glyphosate is an herbicide found in the popular product RoundUp and is used to eradicate unwanted vegetation. The use of glyphosate has increased exponentially, It is used in over 750 different products, not only in agriculture, but also in home appliances. There have been many studies on glyphosate and health concerns as it has been shown to lead to oxidative stress, migraines, hormonal imbalances, and even cancer.

Recently, the Environmental Working Group found high levels of glyphosate in hummus and chickpeas. They tested both organic and non-organic products. Of the 43 non-organic products, 90% had detectable levels of glyphosate and 33% of those exceeded the benchmark for daily consumption. Of the 18 organic products, most contained glyphosate but at a lower level. This indicates there could have been cross contamination from nearby crops since glyphosate is not permitted to be used with organic crops.

It is becoming difficult to avoid pesticides/herbicides. Even the slightest amount can build up if not properly removed from the body. You don’t have to completely avoid these products. Rather, DO BUY ORGANIC and take detoxifying herbs/supplements which are SUPERVISED (by naturopathic doctors and other holistic health care providers) to help in the removal of these kinds of toxins and chemicals.

If you are looking to decrease your toxic load, Dr. Humaira is here to help. Call or email to inquire about services.

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