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Rhodiola and Fatigue

Adaptogens support the body’s natural ability to deal with stress.

One such herb which is an adaptogen is Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola, also known as golden root, has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for people with low energy, over exhaustion, depression, anxiety, help reduce the effects of sleep deprivation, and stress. It has been shown to not only reduce physical fatigue but also decrease mental fatigue such as brain fog and lack of concentration.

In one study done in 2017, Rhodiola showed rapid improvement in levels of stress, sleep quality, anxiety, depression and cognition.

If you are looking for things to help your fatigue and mental alertness, it is best to consult a naturopathic doctor. This is make sure there is no underlying cause for the exhaustion, as well as, obtain proper therapeutic dose recommendations.

If you have any questions or would like to address your fatigue, please contact Dr. Humaira

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