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Summer Skin Protection

There are 2 types of sunscreen: non-mineral which are made from chemical formulas and mineral sunscreen which are made from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide formulas. The latter are less toxic. Environmental Working Group found 67% of sunscreens didn’t work and many, due to their chemical composition, may disrupt endocrine hormones and even mimic other hormones. Oxybenzone, one of the worst and most common chemicals found 96% in sunscreens, is found to connected to hormonal dysregulation, fertility issues both in females and males, and can cause allergic skin reactions. The EWG also found that the sunscreen products sold in the US would not pass in the European standards because they do not filter enough UVA rays. Thus, SPF is not a good indicator of UVA protection.

Children are more prone to toxic chemicals during development. That is why they should use less toxic sunscreens. Nursing mothers should also use nontoxic sunscreens to prevent chemicals in breastmilk. A study in 2010 found Oxybenzone present in 85% of mother’s milk which could lead to further developmental problems in the fetus and newborn.


Internal Sun Protection

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