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Wet Sock Treatment

What is it?

Type of water based therapy (hydrotherapy)

Natural method to stimulate immune system by increasing blood circulation

When is it used?



{Best used in conjugation with nutrition and immune boosting herbs and supplements to see speedy recovery from cold/flu and congestion}

Try It Out


  1. As you’re getting ready to go to bed, drench your cotton socks in the bowl of ice cold water.Make sure they’re saturated to the max. Leave for 10-15 minutes.

  2. Fill a bucket (or your tub) with very hot water, not so hot that it’ll burn you, but as hot as you can comfortably handle.

  3. Enjoy a nice warm foot-soak for up to 10-15 minutes. You might like to put some lavender oil in the water to add some aromatherapy that will help you relax and sleep well later.

  4. Once your feet are nice and toasty, pat them dry with your towel. If you wish you can massage your feet with rosemary oil for added benefit. Rosemary oil will boost your circulation to another level.

  5. Take the wet socks out of the bowl and wring them out thoroughly. Put them on your toasty warm feet and cover the wet cotton socks with dry wool socks.

  6. This sounds much worse than it feels, trust me! Your feet will start to feel warm within a couple of minutes as your blood rushes in so your body can find temperature homeostasis.

  7. Keep both pairs of socks on and go to bed.

  8. When you wake up your feet will be warm and dry and you’ll feel a lot better than you did the night before.

  9. Repeat the wet sock treatment for three nights in a row for best results.

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